Jurassic Park 3D, Lost, and More!

So I haven’t posted much in here lately but i figured since I’m watching “One More Episode” of Lost, I’d post something up in here.

This week has been a flurry of, whats the word I’m trying to think of… Normal-ness I suppose.  Work has been on the uptick so that’s good.  I’m a bit disappointing because I was really hoping to do our little dance jig.  Some of my friends at one of our other stores did it, and it turned out rather nicely. I think i have a link. Papa John’s Harlem Shake. I’ve actually been thinking about doing a Gangnam Style / Harlem Shake combo.  Seems like it would be pretty fun.  Other than that, work is work.

As far as my entertainment lately, I’ve been watching “Lost”. I’m currently as I’m typing this on Season 3, episode 2.  I’ve been putting off watching this series for quite some time, because I’ve caught episodes here and there before, and while they were intriguing, i had NO idea what was going on.  I was… Lost… HA! SWIDT?  But now that I’ve started on it, its a pretty good series.  Its kind of funny, because i catch stuff that they say that have been turned into memes, or jokes.  Like all the Jack Shephard jokes.  Sheesh I missed out on a great show.  Now I’m watching it, and everybody else is all like… ho hum… Ya, been there done that.  lol.

Jurassic Park 3D was great.  Mikayla, Ruth, and I went to see it today at the mall.  Even though I’ve seen it several times, it was still a great show.  And surprisingly enough, the 3D wasn’t terrible.  They did a great job remastering the movie.  All the special effects looked really well compared to today’s standards.  I was really worried that it was going to be like watching the original star wars compared to the new ones.

Anyways, that’s it.


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