Its SNOWY and Stuff!

So Sunday I had my annual Christmas party in January.  It was nice because they did it on a Sunday this year which is a lot easier for me to get off versus the Saturdays they normally do it on.  Since we’ve been having it at St Ann’s we normally have them cater it.  However this year they decided to have a Chili bar.  A couple people brought their own homemade versions of Chili, and everybody else brought random mix ins.  Stuff like goldfish, Fritos, Shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and other stuff.  We, of course, had a large selection of delicious cookies and such as well.  It was really good.  We had a really good time chatting it up and hanging out, and playing spoons.  I took some photo’s.  [Here is the link]!  You can also find it under the photo galleries.

After that, I came home and relaxed the rest of the day.  I went to bed and just before I did, I checked out the front door.  Why? I’m not sure.  I always do every night.  But nevertheless, it was very windy, and a bit rainy.  This morning I woke up and checked out the front window as I always do and was MIND BLOWN when I saw all the snow.  Not that there was a ton, but I went to bed pretty late.  Quite obviously we were busy at work with all the snow.  It was a fairly good day though.  I’ve got no complaints.

So with the snow finally arriving, it really only means two things.  Well, maybe more but two main things that we shall discuss right now.  One, it means that work will start being busier than its been.  And two, it means that I can go sledding.  Maybe I shall setup some sort of sledding party.  Sounds like a good idea right?

So I’m caught up to this current season of Dr Who.  Since its a fresh season, I decided that I would take a bit of a break, and check out Torchwood.  Its a spin off of Dr Who that’s supposed to be darker and grittier.  The main character is Captain Jack Harkness, who the Dr met several times.  I always liked his character so I thought I would check it out.  its starting out a bit slow, but I suppose they have to build character detail, and get me hooked on the characters and all that.

Anyways, its 4:30am and I’m tired.

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