It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

Ok, so by the time I post this blog, it probably wont’ actually BE Friday, but I digress.

It’s been a pretty busy week at work.  With the giveaway, its been pretty nuts all week.  I’m glad for the extra attention, but I’ll be glad to return to our regularly scheduled business lol.  The snow we’ve had this week has been pretty significant too, thusly also impacting us.  Again, its been pretty busy.  So, what’s new this week?

Well I guess for starters I’ve finally finished Torchwood on Netflix.  I enjoyed the series, but the ending SUCKED!  Left room for the next season, that hasn’t happened now for a couple years I guess.  Overall, it was a good series, although the started out a bit slow.  The characters were pretty memorable, although Captain Jack, was quite obviously the best.  I’ve also gotten current on Dr Who, and I can not WAIT till the next episode comes out.  The last couple episodes were a bit tough.  I won’t spoil it for peeps who are not caught up on current happenings, but man oh man… lol.  Now that I’m caught up on both of those series, I think the next one I’m going to tackle is “Lost”.

My current cellphone (HTC Evo 4G) contract with Sprint is up at the end of the month, so I’ve been researching phones, and trying to decide what I’m going to get.  I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to the Samsung Galaxy GSIII, and the Samsun Note II.  Both are very similar as far as specs go, although the Note II has a quad core processor, versus the GSIII which is a dual core.  Does this really make a difference as far as phones go? I’m not sure to be honest.  I’ve also been debating on the Apple iPhone 5, but the steep price, and small screen really have it far down my list.  If it had a bigger screen it would be more of a contender I think.  Also I’ve been looking into the modability of those two phones as well, because I am a huge fan of CyanogenMod.  I’ve used it on my current phone, as well as on my HTC Evo Shift.  It runs SO much smoother than the Sense UI.

Anyways, off to bed I go.  Got to work in the morning, and then its Kido time for the rest of the weekend.


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