It’s back to work time

Well, the last two weeks were a nice little break to the work week(s). Last week for thanksgiving I had Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, and this week I took Friday off for my birthday, so Friday, Sat and Sun.

Work has been going pretty good. This last month I’ve been leaning a new piece of the puzzle which kinda slowed down my processing a little bit, but in the overall picture will really help me further along myself. I thought about applying for a supervisor position that was opening up but I didn’t really feel like I was quite ready. I think as far as the work goes, I’m pretty close to understanding everything, mostly. But their hierarchy of “command” is still really weird to me and I haven’t caught up on exactly how all that works yet and who’s in charge of this and that, which I feel like I should probably know if I’m getting into a management role.

Tonights stream went really well. Had some pretty good games in Warzone, one of which ended up being a 20 banger. Probably one of the most intense games we’ve had in awhile. It was a full squad with Dennis, Doug, and their brother-in-law Nick. We had a great time in a few rounds of CoD, and then Dennis and I played a couple rounds of Rocket League. I’ll chop it up tomorrow after work and post it on the socials.

Anyways. I just got a long text message that’s already giving me that punch in the gut feeling just glancing at it. Also, it’s 2am, so bedtime.


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