It’s a little dusty around here…

So I finally decided to sit down and do some actual work on my website.  Let me take that back.  I finally actually had some time to do some work on my website lol.  I usually always find time to keep all the back end stuff updated server side and all that.  But it’s been quite some time since I’ve actually sat down and looked at my website to see what’s out of date as far as content and pages go.  And boy, lemme tell you it was quite out of date.  I deleted a BUNCH of stuff that didn’t even work anymore because I pretty much copy and pasted it from when I was trying to run “”.  Ya… About that.
I hadn’t even messed with the theme much really to be honest.  It wasn’t until I set up a blog for my daughter that I realized I haven’t really touched mine in so long.  I’ve been so busy with TDM that I haven’t touched mine.  Between work, and trying to get Two Dudes BBS back up and running, I haven’t really had much time for anything else.

I’ve been on vacation all this week as well.  It’s been busy but not busy.  I’ll make another post about it soon.  Probably Sunday.  I’m planning on being on the computer most of the day with my buddy.  I’ll probably get some pics and all that stuff posted too.

Maybe… If I don’t forget anyways.

PS.  Here’s a super cute picture of me holding my lil Bulldog, “Princess”.  Click for the full size picture.


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