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Oh. Whatsup Blog.  Been awhile since I’ve written publicly in here.  I sit down at my PC on a almost daily basis, and always mean to write something in here.  Sometimes I even open the software and type one or two words in.  But then get distracted.  Or I write stuff that’s on a more personal level, and decide to keep it hidden.  Seems like that’s been happening more and more lately.

So whats been going on lately?  We are moving into the best part of the year.  My most favorite season.  That’s right… Fall!  Warm enough to wear shorts, but cool enough to wear sweatshirts.  I dislike super hot days, and same with cold days.  Spring is just too rainy for me.  So Fall wins!


I’ve been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix.  So far I’m on season 4.  I thought I had seen all the episodes, or even most of the episodes, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  There has been a lot of episodes I’ve missed, some of them quite good.


My sister is moving back in within the next 2 weeks.  I’m really excited for that.  It means more nights of watching Glee together! YAY! Speaking of Glee, Fall is also the return of several of my current favorite TV shows.  American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Glee, Once Upon a Time, and the upcoming spin off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


I got moved to a new store (again) heh.  I’ve been there about a month now.  Figured I’d toss that in since I don’t think i’ve posted about that.  Its in my old stomping grounds where I grew up.  Nice little neighborhood with lots of friendly people walking around.  I’ve really been enjoying the locale since I’ve been there.  I’d really love to move back into the neighborhood.  Its got several local hangouts like Yesterdog, and Wilcox Park, that I grew up on.  Change is always hard, and this has been a tough change.  But it will all mesh soon enough, and things will settle back down.


Anyways, its almost 2am here.  My “one more episode” of TNG has kept me up far longer than I anticipated, and Mondays are always SUPER long, on top of the fact that I’m closing Monday and opening on Tuesday.  Fishing Tuesday night though, so hopefully i’ll catch a nap in between catching the big ones!  Although, maybe we’ll just wait and go Wednesday morning.  Seems like the last couple times we went fishing the fish were just starting to bite as we were leaving.  Probably a symptom of being out fishing all night and getting tired and junk lol.



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