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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything so I figured I’d drop a post before I head out to work.

Lets start with my binge watching.  I’ve finally caught up on all my shows.  Arrow, Walking Dead, Legends, Supergirl, Gotham, OITNB, and Flash.  So now i’m re-watching (again 2x), Voyager.  I’m currently almost to the end of the second season.  After that I think I might re-watch Enterprise.  I really liked that series.  It’s really a bummer that it didn’t really get going until the 3rd season.

Work has been pretty quiet lately.  I’ve still been making behind the scenes things on the RideShareLife website, but I haven’t had any stories to post.  Things have been rather quiet.  Although, college is starting back, so I’m sure things will pick back up.  Even this weekends bar crowd has been busier than i’ve seen before.  There was also a huge EDM festival this weekend that’s been causing a whole bunch of chaos.  It’s called “Breakaway Music Festival“, and it’s at the Belknap Park.  There was actually some pretty big names on the bill for the shows.  Last night there was no traffic cops directing traffic when the concert got done, and there was hundreds upon hundreds of people milling about in the middle of Coldbrook and Division.  Lyft and Uber drivers lined up on both sides of the roads trying to pick people up.  A nightmare.  I’ve seen less people wandering around at Van Andel arena and there was traffic cops there.  Suffice it to say the last two days have been crazy there.  Tonight I used some smart thinking and called all the people i was picking up from there to make sure they were going to be in a place that was easily accessible.

I still haven’t found a replacement full time job.  Honestly I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t found something outside of Food Service.  I’ve been trying to find something more in the retail biz or in an office.  If you know of something let me know!

Stuff with Two Dudes Media has hit another sailing point.  I feel like things are like a roller coaster with it.  We’ll hit a slow point and not get much done, and then we’ll start screaming down the hill doing a whole bunch.  We’ve gotten our Game servers page somewhat started.  It’s called Two Dudes Gaming (of course).  Not much is there so far, but the framework is there for when things get rolling.

Anyways, it’s time for me to head to bed after I finish this episode of Voyager… “Just one more episode…” lolol.



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