In brightest day, in blackest night…

Green Lantern was terrible. Worst superhero movie ever.  gawd.


It was great.  Not the best superhero movie i’ve seen, but by far not the worst.  I never really followed it terribly close, but from what I do know, they didn’t stray from the story too much that I could tell.  I’d definatly reccomend going to see it.  And be sure to stick aroud for the credits because there is a bit of an extra scene 🙂  I thought the plot was good, the girl was cute, and Ryan Reynolds was GREAT as Hal Jordan.  I thought the visual effects were great, and in only a couple spots could you tell that basically the entire suit was CGI… Hats off.

Work today was aight.  Can’t complain.  I was able to get quite a few things on my list done.  However, as my list always seems to grow bigger, I’m not terribly sure that counts or not.  lol

I did some more work on the ol’ website, although i still need to fill in the “request” page.   That’s going to require some tactfulness, that I haven’t been able to have the time for between work, and everything else.  Ok, maybe i have, but I’ve been preoccupied by other more pressing things.

Anyways, Happy Fathers Day to mah Dad, and to all the fathers out there.


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