I need oxygen!

So after a couple days of a cough steadily getting worse, I finally broke down and went to the urgent care. Come to find out i caught a case of Pnuemonia. I forgot how debilitating not being able to breath is lol. They put me on like 5 different medications that I’ve been taking multiple times a day. It’s been fun trying keep remembering the correct times, but I’ve not missed any. Tomorrow I’ll finish most of them so that’s cool. I started back to work today. Thankfully all I have to do is sit in the car. My voice is still mostly gone though so it was rough trying to talk to people.

House situation is still in kind of a holding pattern. We’ve got all of our paperwork turned in, and seemingly approved through the mortgage company, but right now we’re waiting on the MSHDA people because they are about half a month behind. Even more so now, because of all the closed days from the storms last week. Closing date hasn’t changed that we know of, so we’re just kind of sitting and waiting.

Author: peter

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