I got chased down the street

I had a very interesting night tonight. I went out today around 5pm and started working. All in all it was a very unremarkable night aside from the story that I’m about to tell. It was easily the slowest night I’ve seen in the 1.5 years or so that I’ve been doing this. But tonight, might have been the most terrified that I’ve been. Perhaps even more so than the Crazy Guy that I’ve picked up a couple of times and talked about [HERE] and [HERE].

I was returning back towards home from downtown as it was extremely slow and I was going to go home to have some of my home made tuna salad on a sammich. I made a left turn onto Plainfield from Leonard St and kept cruising down Plainfield minding my own business when a car raced up behind me and started flashing their lights and honking. It just so happens that I had got a ping for a ride over by Leonard and Fuller area so I turned my blinker on and started to turn right onto Spencer St off of Plainfield. Well this car raced around me and stopped in the middle of the road blocking me and sat there.

Now I don’t know why I was so terrified. But I was instantly paranoid that they were going to start shooting or something so my instincts kicked in and I whipped the car into reverse and got back onto Plainfield and started getting away. The car blew through a red light to catch up to me and was trying to force me to turn into a parking lot or onto a street so they could corner me again. Several times from Spencer down to almost Sweet St. they attempted to force me over. At this point I’m really started to get some speed down Plainfield because I’m literally terrified as to whatever their plans were.

I managed to whip a last minute turn unto Hanover street right by the auto repair shop just before Sweet, and whipped into that neighborhood where, thankfully, I had spent the previous 13 years living. If they followed me up the hill, I don’t know because I made several quick turns so that wouldn’t be able to follow me.

Now all of this was going on while I was set to pick up my passenger. So I went over to the Fuller and Leonard area, and picked her up, only to bring her back down into that area. I was literally mortified the entire time because I was worried they were still going to be cruising around the area looking for me while I had a passenger in the car.

Thankfully, I didn’t see them again, and I dropped her off at her destination and proceeded to go back to my house (again in the same area-ish on Plainfield). I took the video off of my camera and called the police and made a report. They took it pretty seriously I guess, because the dispatcher told me they would be notifying all the cars in the area. I’m not sure if there had been other reports or not, but it was a much better response from them than I was expecting.

I’m not sure what they wanted. It worries me because the car I drive for Uber has my wifes name on the license plate so I wonder if they thought a girl was driving the car and were trying to do something. But then I KNOW they had to have realized it was a dude when they blocked me on Spencer St, and / or when they pulled up beside me several times on Plainfield. Who knows. But please watch out for that car, and please always be aware of your surroundings.

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