SubSpace Radio / DJ aCe


I started listening to SubSpace Radio back in open beta and launch.
I was flying through sector space and somebody was in zone chat giving away EC’s, so I was like HELLZ YA! I flew to the vulcan sector and came across the biggest fedball I had ever seen!
The DJ told me I needed to tune in to get the magic word. I tuned in, and became instantly hooked to the great music, and on air personalities. After listening to several shows, i decided to apply to be a DJ, as I LOVE music and have a great personality. (so says me anyways 🙂 )
So I applied, and did my interview, and test and performed with flying colors and a star was born. My show was called the Alien Nation, and it was a huge hit instantly, as I brought a couple of genres (Top 40, Rap/HipHop, and Dance) that were sorely underplayed on the station, and it quickly became THE party show. After doing the show for a couple of months, I decided to “re-brand” or re-imagine the show a bit, and added some features, made some jingles, and The Alien Nation 2.0 came out with a vengeance.  A year later, the show still goes on, and I’m now at Alien Nation 3.0!

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