His Mamma yelled at me too!

So I had an interesting (almost) trip the other morning. Before I get into the story there’s a few things that I need to get straight. I usually start every morning around 6am. The other thing that I need to share, is that it is against Uber and Lyft’s policy for any minors to be in the car unaccompanied. That is, they can not ride anywhere without somebody 18 or older with them. Ok, lets get into the meat and potatoes.

So I get a ping over on the west side. I head over there. It takes about 5-6 minutes to get there and I pull up. I hit the button on the app to let the rider know that I have arrived, and then I peek to see where they are going. It’s a ride going to one of the high schools. Immediately, I throw my head back into the headrest on the seat because I KNOW that this is going to be interesting. Because it always is.

Sure enough the boy comes out and climbs in. I verify the address, hoping that maybe he’s not going to the high school. He verifies the address. I asked him how old he was, and he proudly replies that he is 17. So I inform him that according to Lyft’s policy I cannot transport him. He then replies that he does this almost every morning. I apologized again and let him know that I can not take him. So he starts getting upset. He asks me how Lyft is going to know that I took a minor. I told him that I had no idea, but I wasn’t going to put myself in that position and jeopardizing my job. He started cussing at me, and then while getting out of the car, left the door open and told me I could “shut your own damn door”….

I wait for about 15-30 seconds while he continues walking towards his house to see if he will turn around and close the door. No dice. Then his mom comes outside and starts talking to him asking what’s going on. Of course he starts running at the mouth saying i’m being an asshole and refusing to bring him to school. She starts screaming at me asking me what my problem is and why I won’t bring him to school. Now, this part of the story is where I made a decision in my head. I either made the wrong one, or the right one. Either way, I get out of the car, and I point to the back door that’s still open, and yell back to her that he’s a minor, and that this, this, is why minors can’t be trusted in Lyft’s by themselves. Well that didn’t make her happy at all. She proceeds to ask me “who the f*&k I’m talking to like that”. I politely, of course, informed her that I was indeed talking to her and her son. This did not go over well, and between the mom screaming at me, and the son, now heading back towards me to, unassumingly, attack me, I had to get out of there quick.

I took off in the car and cancelled the ride while I drove about a mile away. Put the car in park and called Lyft right away.

All in a days work I guess.

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