Hi… Remember Me?

Hello Blog, and blog readers!

I haven’t forgotten about my blog, I’ve just been really busy with work to type in it.  But here I am, and I will attempt to post somehting thats worth while.

Well, like I said i’ve been really busy with work.  Not really so much because we’ve been busy, but because we’ve not, so i’ve been putting in the extra hours to try and keep numbers good.  Also we’ve been training a lot of new people these last couple of weeks which is always fun.  Anyways, less worky talk, more personal life talk.

I’ve been pretty sad lately that my schedule doesn’t allow me to see Mikayla as much as it used to.  I’ve already missed several things that she’s been doing for school and church these last couple of months, and it really hurts inside.  My dad was showing me pictures of the gathering for my mom and dads 35th Anniverary, and after looking at several of the pictures, I stopped him and asked them (my brother, mom, dad, and sister) why Mikayla looked so sad in all the pictures, and they said it was because she was expecting to see me there, and I wasn’t.  That hurt quite a bit.  That being said she’s settling into her new class pretty well, and seems to be enjoying it.  She’s made several new friends, and come to find out, her teacher is one of my old employees, but I think i already talked about that.

I’m very excited for Friday, because several peopel from SubSpace Radio are going to Chicago – I won’t be able to make it.  Well several of them are going to visit me in Grand Rapids, since their going to be so close.  I’m excited to hang out with them.  I think we are going to do Karaoke!  I believe the list of peeps coming to visit is Jahner, Javan (who only lives about 2 hours North of me anyways), BigMike, Raidur, TacehT, and Yumene.

So anyways, with the longer my blog / website is on the internet the growing amount of fake comments i’ve been getting on all my pages.  I’m going to create a page that has them on it.  Some of them are hillarious to me.  I dunno why.  So I will make this page within the next few days, and hopefully you folks will enjoy it.

Anyways, I’m off to bed for now.  4am has crept on my quicker than I expected.

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Gamer, streamer, techie, social media junkie, tinkerer, father, son, and pizza lover.

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