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So it dawned on me that while I’ve been blogging now for years here on my self hosted blog, and that lots of the people who read this know exactly who I am and what I’m doing.  However, with my recent uptick in all my social media endeavors, I’ve gained a lot of new followers and readers and should probably explain a bit about myself.

I spent almost 20 years in the pizza business.  I miss it sometimes.  The pizza industry is a fun business to be in, although it can be quite stressful at times.  I started out as a part time driver and kept growing as a person and in the business.  After reaching a pinnacle of being a Area Supervisor — think district manager with a different name, I decided to move on.  I started  doing Lyft and Uber full time until I found something that I wanted to make a career out of.

When I started doing Rideshare, I quickly discovered that I would be coming upon lots of stories in the day to day of doing rideshare that people would just HAVE to hear.  Initially, I started with an idea of designing a website hub where lots of other rideshare drivers could post their stories.  After working on that for a little bit and calling it “Stories from the Road”, I decided that I really didn’t want to do that.  So I scuttled that idea and focused more on my own stories and how to present them.  So I started blogging them here on my own blog.  I bought a domain and pointed it here.  So when you visit www.ridingwithretep.com, it actually just redirects here to my specific blog categories for rideshare.  After doing that for about a year, I realized that the stories were becoming far and few between.  The main reason for this is because when you see the things that I’ve seen week after week, weekend after weekend, you realize that bar for “crazy”, or things that can be blogged about just keeps getting raised.  Last months crazy passenger quickly becomes the “norm”.  Especially when you’re dealing with the bar crowd people on a regular basis.  So in order to let out some of my creative juices, I took a idea from my rideshare buddy Larry over at Lyfting With Larry. (You can also check out his [Instagram] and [Facebook]).  I created a second Twitter account, and a second Instagram account, and Riding With Retep, was fully rolled out.

Riding With Retep as a whole focuses on a few different things.  I like to get pictures with some of my riders and post them on there.  This in of itself, is a pretty daunting task, because you have to build up the courage to ask complete strangers if you can take a picture of them and post it on the internet.  As you can imagine, there are quite a few people who are incensed by that and are very upset when you ask.  So you have to be extremely cautious when asking, and learn quickly on the right people to ask and who not to ask.  I also post pictures of random weird and funny license plates that I see around town.  I also opened it for submissions from some of my followers which I thought at the time was a great idea, but sometimes it’s a handful.  Right now I’ve got anywhere between 60-90 days worth of pictures saved up and I’m starting to get to the point that I can’t remember anymore who submitted some of them.  I’ll have to figure out a system to keep them sorted in the future at some point.  The other thing I do is post #PinkShirtFriday pics.  I don’t know how it started, but I noticed that I always seem to wear a pink shirt on Fridays.  So I take a picture, which is usually done in the carwash or some other recognizable landmark.  Sometimes I live tweet on Twitter, but it gets to be a lot to keep up on.

For many years, I helped run a Internet radio station.  It was actually a conglomerate of two and a half stations.  I started out as a DJ for SubSpace Radio.  From there I moved up into the management ranks of the station and then Station Manager, and then Operations for all the stations.  I met a LOT of my internet friends through there, and I loved the experience.  However due to different opinions on the future of the station, and to be honest, the desire to more pursue some of my own endeavors, I left there late last year.

Gaming With Retep takes a cue from my other social media endeavor.  Ive started doing some semi regular Facebook and Twitch streaming.  I also started a YouTube channel that currently is just hosting my previous streams.  I haven’t yet streamed anything live to that channel.  I’m not sure why, except that my PC isn’t quite up to the standards of big time streaming which is, objectively, what I’m attempting to do.  So this has been a fun outing the last few weeks.  It’s been fun watching some of my viewer counts rise and hitting goals for followers and subscribers and such.  My end goal, is to become a self sustaining streamer to the point that I can supplement my income doing something I love to do.  We’ll see if that happens at all, but my major focus is to first have fun.

Life with Retep is my complete blog.  All the corners of my life.  Out in the open for all to see.  Hopefully you enjoy reading about me as much as I enjoy writing about it.


Author: peter

Gamer, streamer, techie, social media junkie, tinkerer, father, son, and pizza lover.

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