Hi. I’m a blog post.

So, today is monday… Weeeeeee.

Today was mostly meetings and paper pushing as normal.  I was going to do a show tonight, but time constraints weren’t in my favor.  So I’m working on my dads PC installing a new hard drive for him.  I’m also thinking of getting my server up and running since I’m getting all down and dirty with the hardware… Weeeee.

The crew is all mostly back from Chicago.  I’ve heard a few stories already of how awesome it was.  Really bummed I missed out on it.  Oh well.  My plans are to go to Vegas next year.  I’m gonna start putting money away for it.

I added a bunch of stuff to the site today.  Some pictures from my cousins wedding are located here.  I also added some new quotes on the funny comments page located here.

Other than that i think i’m going to surprise my brother and order pizza.  He’s been saying he’s hungry for awhile.  Weee!


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Gamer, streamer, techie, social media junkie, tinkerer, father, son, and pizza lover.

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