Hey! It’s the weekend!

Well its the weekend. So it’s time to go out and party and do all the things right? Nope. It’s Covid times, it’s snowing, and I don’t have car. So we staying in. Here’s what we got going this weekend.

I got my Shipt order delivered today. Mostly just essentials. You know, Milk, bread, meat, rice-a-roni, mac-n-cheese, Ramen, some frozen pizzas, vodka, and wine. You know… The essentials. Oh, and Melatonins. And a buncha other stuff too but that’s all minutia. The one thing that I didn’t get was Asprin, which I had on the list but I think that when you leave stuff in your cart and it’s low on inventory or something, and you go back in the next day it’s gone and they don’t tell you. So I didn’t notice it wasn’t on my shop list until i was putting everything away and didn’t find it. Well actually it was even after that when I was talking to my friend about headaches.

I think that I’m going to shut down my RidingWithRetep stuff. Not because of anything bad, but I think that part of my life is done now at this point. It was fun while it lasted, but at this point I don’t think i’ll be going back to it. I’m pretty happy where I am with Farmers, and well not having a car also puts a pretty big damper in that. I do have something lined up, but it’s not really gonna be usable for doing that line of work anymore. Well at least not Uber or Lyft. I could still do grocery delivery, but I probably won’t. I’ll have to see when the domain gives up the ghost. The question is whether I should leave the twitter up or close it down. The website is just a redirect here, so all of my content will always be here, just without the redirect. All the stories will live on. The Twitter was more just to advertise my content for the most part. And to connect to other people also I suppose. Although there were times where I would try to live tweet my days. That was hard, but fun.

Anways, in classic pete fashion, it’s 3am and I must be lonely… Er. It’s 3am and i must still be awake. So I guess that’s it for tonight. I gotta get to bed because it’s snowing, which means I’m gonna have to shovel in the morning.


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