Happy Birthday Mikayla.

Mikayla baby

On April 23, 2001 one of the most amazing, emotional, and important events in my life occurred,  I was about to have a baby.  I was scared.  I was worried.  I was nervous.  As I stood in the operating room I wondered if I would be able to handle the responsibilities that were headed my way.  I had serious questions.  I wondered if I would be able to make the right decisions.  I wondered if I was qualified to help mold and shape somebody.  I had questions that I thought were major concerns then (but really are silly lol).  What if i dropped her.  What if i rolled over her.  What if she fell off the bed.  What if i pushed her too hard on the swing.  Then the doctor handed me a pair of surgical scissors, and I cut the cord and then subsequently held the most wonderful bundle of joy ever.  As I stared into her eyes, I stopped worrying.  The fears subsided for the moment.  The most beautiful baby girl stared at me wide eyed and with wonder.  It would be ok.

Mikayla 2

Twelve years later today, It’s still ok.  I never dropped her on her head.  I never forgot to feed her a meal.  I never rolled off the couch while cuddling with her, and smothered her.  I never fell asleep and dropped her.  I never pushed her too hard on the swings.  My daughter has, and is growing into a wonderful person.  While of course, there have been our trials and tribulations, as with all children, I am proud of who she’s become so far, and I look forward to what she will accomplish in her life.


Mikayla I love you.  Happy Birthday. You have grown into such a wonderful girl. You are beautiful, thoughtful, polite, caring, loving, emotional, daring, brave, kind, obedient, respectful, hard working, determined, curious, sweet, laid back, creative, dramatic, funny, helpful, goofy, and most of all, and most importantly, you are my pride and joy. I love you with all of my heart and more.  


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