Green Hornet

So i finished up season 7 of house this afternoon before work.  Very good, and I’m TOTALLY back into house.  Season finale was great, and I’m wondering how they are going to do this!!!

Watched Green Hornet tonight after work.  Meh.  Not that great.  It was funny in parts, action-ey in other parts, but overall not terrible great.  Which surprised me, but I liked many of the actors.

Did a package upgrade serverside on probablyblogging while I was watching the movie.  Somehow it managed to completely screw up everything so the webserver was down for about 30 minutes or so.  That was fun scrambling to figure it out.  I had a good idea, and some help from a friend gave me another idea and while that wasn’t the problem, it led me to the problem and henceforth the solution.  Weeeeee.

Tomorrow is Detroit Lions! I’m GOING to watch this game! Somehow! Hopefully!  Well… Probably not, but hopefully.  Lol.


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