Facebook Changes… And YOU!

Howdy folks!

I know I haven’t posted anything recently, but work has been keeping me pretty busy.  But I have a couple minutes and I want to inform you about a change that Facebook is making to the way fan pages work, and such.  So, it used to be that anything that was posted on a fan page would make it into your timeline if you had that page “Liked”.  However, they are charging now, for that privilege.  So, in order to stay updated with ALL your favorite pages updates (Ie. my DJ aCe page, the SubSpace Radio page, etc etc), there is a process that needs to be followed.

  1. Goto the Facebook “Page” in question.  (ie. www.facebook.com/aceinthehoues)
  2. “Like” the page, if you have not already done so.
  3.  Hover your mouse cursor over the “Like” button, and a menu should pop up.
  4. Under “Lists” click on an existing List, or click create new list.
  5.  If you chose “New List” then a sizable window will pop up with several options.  Click “Next”
  6. Next, Create a List Name, and set the Privacy options for said list.
  7. Finally click “Done”!

There you have it.  Now you will receive ALL updates from the pages you follow that process with.  You should definitely add SubSpace Radio, and DJ aCe 🙂

Author: peter

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