Drone Fun

So my brother got me an early Fathers Day present.  Its a Dronium Protocol.  Basicly, it’s a RC Quad Copter.  It’s pretty fun.  The range, and abilities it has are pretty amazing.  I’ve been able to take some videos and the views are pretty stunning.

This first video is from last week, and shows some of the height I am able to achieve with it.

This second video is from last night, and has kind of an amazing story.  So some storms went through these past few days, and have mostly passed.  The wind has been pretty quiet from the trees on down, but its hard to gauge whats going on above that. So after work I brought it on down to the softball field next to my house and proceeded to get some video.  I went pretty far up the first time around, and almost lost control of the drone, and decided to brave it again.  Probably shouldn’t have made that decision.  As you can see in this second video, it gets AMAZINGLY high, but I lose control.  It crash lands in the golf course about 800 feet north of where i was.  Luckily enough, my brother found an opening in the fence and was kind enough to squeeze through and grab it while i grabbed the car to make a quick getaway.

When it starts spinning, its because I cut the throttle because it kept climbing and couldn’t see it anymore enough to tell which way it was facing.  Thus started the free fall spin, and completely ruined any idea of which way it was facing.  When it it stops spinning and crash lands, it caught signal again briefly enough to stop from a full speed crash, and lands over 800 feet away.  Looking on Google Maps, it landed approximately 884 feet away.

Keep an eye here and on my YouTube Channel for more videos!


Anyways, that’s all for now.  Got a few things in the works so look for updates soon 🙂

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