Dr Who… And Such. Also I need input.

So, I’m enjoying a nice quiet relaxing afternoon today.  Been a busy few weeks with the Holidays and such.

So what is new?  Well I’ve been engrossed in Dr Who.  I used to watch it as a kid but I haven’t been able to stand and watch the old episodes, and got turned off of the series.  But I finally decided to delve back into Dr Who, by checking out the new series, and I’m engrossed again.  Currently I’m on Season 4 about half way through the season.  I’m not looking forward to the end, because I feel like this is gonna be the last season with David Tennant as the Dr.  Which sucks, because the next Dr looks kinda like an idiot.  I suppose I shouldn’t judge until I’ve actually seen some episodes, but I digress.  I am excited about Amy Pond though, because she’s smoking hot.  Maybe she will be as awesome as my current favorite companion, Billie Piper.  Yup.  I cheated, and looked at the Wiki.  This is his last season.  Uggh.  Anyways.

What else is new… Well.  I’m dreadfully tired of the ROM I’m using on my phone.  I despise HTC’s Sense UI.  Love their phones though.  I’m debating on going back to Cyanogenmod.  However the only reason I’m not using it currently is because Group txt messages don’t seem to be working correctly.  I’ve googled the issue several times, but I’m not sure what the issue is.  When I get a group message — that is a message that has been sent to several recipients, and not just me, I have to download it.  On the only slightly modified ROM that i’m currently running, it works fine.  However, under CM7, it won’t load.  Just gives me an error message. Perhaps I’ll do some more research this afternoon.

Tonight is American Horror Story night, so I’m looking forward to that.  I’ve got half a mind to watch the episode before my sister gets here!  But I shall not lol.

So the top of my blog says I need input.   I’ve been debating on combining my two blogs into one.  Its not really that hard importing the content.  I separated them because I thought that maybe some of the people from my gaming “persona” might not care about my personal life.  However its a bit tedious and seems redundant having two blogs.  Especially since I can sort content and such fairly easy.  Thoughts?  I’m going to post this on my gaming blog as well.  Let me know what you guys think.

Anyways, TTFN

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