Do you read this?

Well, its been a few days since I’ve posted a blog.  Several reasons really.  Most notably because i’ve been busy with work and working some long hours.  So, without further adieu here is a blog post.

I guess we’ll start off with the fact that I quit smoking.  Well, I’m in the process of quitting.  In the last 7 days, I’ve had 2 total, and in the last 4 I’ve had ZERO.  Weeeee.  I’m pretty excited about that, although it kind of weird how when I quit smoking, i find it HARDER to breath.  LAME.  Next step is to get back in the gym and get my sexy(er) on.  Get mah sexxyyyy ooonnnnn! (Check This Out).

Tonight was the release of Battlefield 3.  I want it.  But I’m stuck on some issues.  Mainly the fact that IF I get it, its going to be for PC.  Yup, sorry.  I don’t to FPS on my 360.  I’m just terrible on it with them.  Secondly.  I generally, for all intents and purposes, buy “ALL” my games through Steam.  Its easier, less CD’s / DVD’s / Boxes to deal with.  Unfortunately, EA decided they wanted to invent this terrible thing called Origin where you can download all their games.  I don’t care about it, except for the fact they aren’t releasing it for steam because of that.  AARRGGHHH.  Ya ya ya… I know… Cry Me a River

Anyways, what else is new? Not much… I’ve been on a bit of a break from SSR.  Just needed to get away for a bit and relax.  It can be like a 2nd job at times.  Not that I don’t enjoy it, but I just needed to step back and take a breather.  I expect to jump back in this weekend at some point.

Hurm, what else.  Halloween is this Monday.  I’m not sure what i’m going dress up as, or if I even will, as I always seem to wait till the last minute and not get a good costume.  Maybe I’ll go to work early tomorrow and stop in at Halloween City.

Anyways I suppose thats all for now.  Goodnight



Author: peter

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2 thoughts on “Do you read this?”

  1. Does who read this? I mean, you know I do. Awesome videos, btw.

    I’m so happy for you! I know it’s rough to quit smoking and I’m glad you’ve done so well so far. I dunno about that gym thing… if you get much sexier you’re gonna need to carry some sort of weapon to protect yourself from the chicks trying to get on you. I mean I already think any girl would be lucky to have ya. 😉

    Here’s hoping you don’t have a ton of copies of this comment — my phone didn’t seem to be submitting it last night, so I’m using my computer

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