Day 734 of Covid-19

Well, ok. It’s not really day 734. But man in some ways it sure does feel that way doesn’t it.  In other ways it kind of just feels like another day also though, so I guess whatever. Lets talk about stuff.

It’s hard to believe that this has been going on for so long.  The date that I stopped driving Uber and Lyft is quickly approaching a year. While I did do some grocery shopping for a few weeks, I wasn’t good enough to make that a full time thing so I stopped doing gig work. Thankfully I started at Farmers in April of 2020 and I’m still there (working from home of course). I’m hoping to keep working from home actually. I don’t really mind being a homebody for the most part. Although I really do miss walking the mall and people watching. That’s always been a fun pastime for me. Thankfully i’ve been able to fill that gap with my [Streaming] which has been pretty fun.

I just had to buy a bed. It’s an el cheapo for now until the house gets sold and I can afford to get something a little nicer. Ya. I said until the house gets sold. More on that later. Ever since the separation I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress, and at some point in the last week or so it’s developed a leak. I’m not entirely sure where or even how, but alas, it’s there. It started out not too bad, but the last few days it’s to the point where I’m having to turn the pump on a couple times during the middle of the night. That in turn has left me sleepless in Grand Rapids, and with a sore body. I mean, not sleepless, but less sleep. And as most of you reading this know, I already don’t really sleep a ton as it is. So I went on to Walmart’s website and ordered a mattress and a box spring. The box spring was supposed to arrive on the 2nd, and the mattress on the 8th. However, that being said, updated shipping says that the box spring is coming tomorrow so hopefully that means the mattress is going to come early as well. I’ve got something temporary in the meantime but that mattress can’t come soon enough lol.

So, as I mentioned earlier, we’re selling the house. For months the plan has been that she was going to keep the house and refinance it and split the equity and I would move out. But that has changed. So now begins what I can only assume is going to be a great process of selling. I think it will sell fast but it’s just the whole getting it ready. It also means I’m going to be here longer than I anticipated as well which is also lovely.

Everything else is just fine. I became an uncle this week for the first time, so that was exciting. Gemme Ann was born at 4:04am . Water broke at like 7ish in the morning and it took until then. Not a lot of labor though I guess, so that’s good.

Anyways, thats all for now I suppose.


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