Covid-19 Shot #1

So i got my first Covid-19 shot on Monday. I got the Pfizer variation so i’ll have to go back in a couple weeks for the 2nd one. For the first couple of hours I didn’t really notice anything. I went grocery shopping and then laid down after I put away the groceries thinking i was just gonna get off my feet for a little bit. Woke up a couple hours later like… wuuut just happened. At that point my arm was hurting pretty good. Played some video games and went to bed. I worked though the day on Tuesday, but I probably shouldn’t have. I was cranky all day. Headachey and sore in the arm and body. Wednesday I ended up taking most of the day off because I was still having a headache, but by Thursday I was back to normal.

Been a little frustrated with my computer lately. I’m not really sure what the deal is but my computer has been struggling lately to keep up streaming. I think i’ve identified that my virus scanner has been part of the problem. I found an article about how it seems to interfere with uploading sometimes. Although it doesn’t clear up why that’s all of a sudden an issue when i’ve been using the same virus scanner for a couple years now. Also, my system certainly isn’t like TOP notch or top shelf stuff, but its also FAR from the bottom. So i’m really not sure why i seem to be having these issues. I’ve found a few things I can do to cut down on the issues, but my whole problem with this issue, is that a month ago, i wasn’t having this issue. So trying to figure out what’s changed is what i’ve been working on. Along with triple checking all my settings and all that lol.

I made a big step today. I paid off my cellphone yesterday. It was being financed through Verizon and I only had one payment left. That dropped my cellphone bill down quite a bit, but I wasn’t happy with it still. I picked Verizon awhile ago because I needed reliable wireless for doing Uber and Lyft and grocery delivery. Now that I’m not doing that anymore I’m not really willing to pay so much for cellular service that I don’t often use. I’d been eyeing T-Mobile as their service is good, and its a lot better on the ole’ wallet, but then I remembered another company that I’d been following for years, and that my brother used. So I ended up switching to Ting. They are an MVNO, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Basically they buy bandwidth from 3 of the 4 major carriers in bulk and they then resell it. Case in point, my bill with Verizon was $70. For the exact same amount of data (5gb a month) and same unlimited voice and text, I’ll be paying $25. Ya. Imma be taking that extra money please. If you check it out and you decide to switch, lemme know. I can get you a little something something for signing up — $25 bucks off the first month.

Other things have been fine. Just plugging away at life really. Nose down to the grinder. Work and streaming, and that’s about it. Lots of things going on in the old noggin. Just need to focus on me right now. I was talking with somebody earlier today and I noted to them that I just need to spoil myself again for awhile. Not worry about always trying to make other people or somebody else happy or conversely, and probably mostly, worrying about failing to do so.

Anyways. I think that’s it for tonight.


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