Contradicting thoughts.

So, as i sit here at 4:43am after spending the last 20 minutes on facebook, I feel like I really want to voice my opinion on several issues that have been floating around the interwebz, and more specifically from news, and even posts from my facebook friends.  Its kinda of a weird situation because I’m generally fairly open with my opinion.  But I’ve never really posted anything “too deep” on Facebook, and I wonder if I start speaking on some of these issues that people will think differently of me, or treat me differently.  Which again, I normallly don’t even think twice about what people think.  And then, there’s the whole issue of, well what if I speak my mind, and my employer(s) — ie. current, and future if move somewhere else) decide to hold it against me.  Although I suppose that is solved by privacy settings on Facebook, but Twitter (which i tend to use more for my views and thoughts) and my blog are open for the world.  Paranoid Much??  Who knows.

I don’t even know particularly what made me so paranoid tonight.  Perhaps, its because I’ve never really engaged in making my opinion known to the masses, and perhaps now as I grow, older, wiser, or maybe less caring of what people think about me, that I’m actually ready to step out into the big wide world of debating politics, and issues, and umm… KONY! lolz.

Anyways, that’s all you get from me tonight on the issue.  Made some changes to my blog, so now my posts are separated by category, so you can view only my Blog posts, and not the auto twitter ones.  Just mouse over “My Blog”, and now two new options should be there!  I’m also gearing up to get serious about the blogging site.  Gonna be putting some work into that hopefully, over the course of the next month and getting it closer to launch.  I need a Logo still… Anybody wanna donate some artwork?

Anyways, Goodnight.

Author: peter

Gamer, streamer, techie, social media junkie, tinkerer, father, son, and pizza lover.

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