Christmas hitting different this year

Well, I think as the title goes, it’s pretty easy to figure out what this blog post is about. Twenty Twenty has brought a whole slew of problems and challenges, and the holidays are, and have been, no exception. Lets talk about this. Would you like to know more? (some of you who read this will get that reference. Some of you, like YOU, are googling it because you don’t know. And some of you won’t care, and that’s ok too.)

I feel comparatively speaking, my family is just like any other average family. Although I feel like maybe we’re a bit of a closer knit in someways. Not that we necessarily talk every single day, although my brother and sister and I do. But, we usually take time out on the holidays to always try to be together, and this year, obviously, was a stark difference with Covid-19.  No gatherings this year has left us all in our respective households battling our demons “alone”. I suppose I don’t have it as bad as others, but this is my blog and I’ll cry if i want to. Having worked in the food business for many many years, I didn’t get a lot of holidays off. So that’s probably reinforced for better or for worse the importance of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas day. I could always count on being able to see my family those days. Most of all the other holidays i had to work but we were always closed those days so they became pillars.

This Christmas was also weird because of other reasons, that you can probably imply here. I’m still not ready to just start dishing out publicly about it, so it will be a private post so I can at least get the words out of my mind and onto some form of media. It is what it is, and at this point the only direction we can go from here is up. Turn the page to the next chapter.

I didn’t put up a tree this year. Or any lights. Usually i do something even if it’s just a small tree. With everything going on it just didn’t really feel like Christmas i guess. Even though it snowed this year just in time for a White Christmas.

Mikayla and her bf stopped by and dropped off a beautiful card of the two of them. It was great, except while opening the envelope i ripped the picture. Great job idiot. We managed to tape it up good, and you can barely tell. But I know. I know what i did.

I decided that I needed to cook something in order to take my mind off of things going on and stop feeling sorry for myself. So I made a turkey breast, some stove top stuffing, and home made mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were the best part, because they consisted of potatoes, which are ah-maze-ing. Firstly, I peeled, cut and boiled them until soft. Then I mixed in a carefully measured amount of milk (yes, I know, sour cream or heavy cream might be better, but i didn’t think to order those), salt, fresh ground pepper, butter, and grated parmesan cheese (alternatively, some people use cream cheese apparently). And lets really make something clear. By carefully measured, i mean i poured milk in until it looked good after adding a stick of butter. Same with the salt, pepper, and parm cheese. Let me tell you. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ‘BOUT THESE MASHED POTATOES. If i would have thought more about it I should’ve chopped up some of the fresh garlic i have, or maybe got some chives. I very loosely used this recipe: “BEST Mashed Potatoes” But they were great. The stuffing turned out fine as well, but lets be honest, you boil water and butter, and then mix in a bag and fluff. So easy a cave man could do it. The turkey wasn’t bad, but it didn’t’ quite turn out as good as last time i made a turkey breast. It was a little tough. It was still pretty juicy, so it could’ve been the bird itself, or it could have been that I cooked it too long. I misjudged the time it would take to make the potatoes and left the turkey in the oven. All in all though, it was good. And now I’ve got left overs for days.

Rest of Christmas day was pretty quiet. Watched my friend stream most of the day so that was really nice to take my mind off of things. Played some warzone and zombos. I will say, it’s kind of weird to know i still have today and tomorrow off of work. Nice little 4 day vacation.

Anyways, it’s time to go play some WoW or something while I listen to 90’s alternative music and feel sorry for myself. Ok. Maybe not all of that, but most of it. Ok, maybe just the WoW and 90’s music part.




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