Change is in the air! (Two good things, one bad thing)

So today I started a new job. I’m now working at Farmers Insurance here in town. This is good news and bad news.

The first news that is good news is because for the last several weeks. 3? 4? I don’t’ even know anymore. I’ve been at home not working because of the Covid-19 stuff going on. Rideshare took a HUGE hit when all the bars closed, and then subsequently when non essential workers were told to stay home. I did some Instacart and Shipt for a couple weeks, but I was so brand new to both, that I just wasn’t making enough money to really be risking myself out there getting sick. I also tried doing some Uber Eats, but every time I tried, I never really got any pings. I never signed up for Grub Hub and because I never took any deliveries with Door Dash I had gotten deactivated so there just wasn’t any income coming in.

I started my journey through the Uber and Lyft world JUST shy of two years ago. April 29th will be my two year mark. As some of you know, I was in the pizza business for almost 20 years starting as a part time driver and working up to Store Manager, and even Area Supervisor (District Manager). After almost 20 years with that company it was time for me to move along and find my new niche in the world. I decided to do rideshare until I figured out what I was going to do with myself. Uber and Lyft has been a fun experience overall, even with all the bad things I’ve experienced because of it. As with any job, there are always things you don’t like about it, and challenges that you have to overcome. I’ve met a lot of great people and now friends through my rideshare experiences and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I’ve also met a lot of great people in the backseat, and the front seat, and learned a lot of crazy things about the world I live in that I would never know, had I not done rideshare.

Today marks my first day, in what I hope to be many at a new Full Time job. I am now a Service Advocate II in the Policy Support Operations department at Farmers Insurance out in Caledonia. I’ll be working from home, most likely, for the entirety of my training period which I believe is going to be around 7 weeks. That of course may change depending on how things roll out with Corona. From what I understand, I’ll be doing policy research, and looking up laws and restrictions for different areas of the country to assist agents in building policies for their customers. So most of my work will be with other Farmers employees. I know several people who work there and they all seem to enjoy it and have been there for many years, so I think I will enjoy it too. It certainly seems to offer a good balance of work / home life, and benefits. Plus the campus that I’ll be working on has a Starbucks so I’m guessing I’m going to be enjoying some Vanilla Sweet Cream Iced Coffees!

So what’s the bad new? Well, since I’ve started this new job, that means my time ridesharing is going to be drastically cut. I’ve been doing it, as I said, for almost two years full time. But since I’ll be working Monday through Friday now, my rideshare will only be part time 1 or 2 days a week. Probably just Friday and or Saturday nights. Don’t worry though, I’ll still be catching License Plates that I see around down while driving, and of course, still taking the ones that you all catch as well. And, of course, I’ll still be taking and posing for pictures with my riders, because I really find that to be fun. So you’ll still be seeing content from me, but perhaps just not quite as much.

Be sure to follow my Rideshare life at all the social media spots that I post in. Riding With Retep can be found here, of course in the blog format, as well as [Instagram], [Twitter], [YouTube] and of course [Facebook]. Be sure to Like / Follow / Subscribe and all that stuff!

Lastly, the second good news is that I’ve been invited to become a part of the GR Rideshare Adventures folks. They have a [Facebook], [Instagram], [YouTube] and [Twitter]. If you like lots of rideshare content be sure to Like / Follow / Subscribe them as well. They also have a Patreon with added content as well! I’ve already been guest hosting with them for several podcasts now, filling in for somebody who was taking a break. But they officially asked me to be a permanent host and I accepted. It’s already been a lot of fun, even through some of the technical difficulties that we’ve had to work around with having everybody broadcast from home and trying to wrangle 3+ video streams into one. I look forward to continue podcasting with them.

Anyways, that’s all the news that’s going on in the Rideshare world for me. Thanks for reading this, and thanks for supporting my Riding With Retep endeavors now, and through the future!


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