17 hours. (and me singing!)

Seventeen hours.

Thats how many hours i worked yesterday… Actually, it was more than 17 hours, but really, who’s counting? lol.

I got up in the AM expecting to run to the store, get the computer up and running after the lightning strike [See This Post for Info], but low and behold, still no power.  So we quickly got a plan together to get all the perishable food to the nearest location as the power company was estimating restoration at near 11:30pm last night (this is at 9am).
So we loaded and took 5 car loads of food over to the other store, unloaded and organized it in their walkin.  Then I spent the next couple of hours chasing down some paperwork and getting it faxed to the office for insurance reasons, and trying to get the phone company to transfer all the calls to the nearest store.  About that time I happened to peek at my phone and check out the power companys estimated restoration time to which i noticed that they said there was no reported outage.  So i called the store, and sure enough power was back on.   So we scrambled back to the store to get it cleaned up, and ready for a new day and got all the food transferred back and got back open, and of course i was scheduled to close, so I ended up being there till about 2:15am because of a DSL outage…

All that being said, i did very little today except relax and record one of my karaoke songs for the SubSpace Radio Karaoke CD we are going to release… Here’s a linkie to it if you would like to listen 🙂 Me singing Airplanes by B.O.B. and Hayley Williams Also… You can only listen, if you promise to at least giggle a little bit.. I know I did.. lol!

Anyways, i’m exhausted as I woke up pretty early today so I’m going to head to bed.

Night Night.

Struck by lightning!

Today, I was struck by lightning.

Ok, well not me, but it struck the building I was in.  True story.
See, there I was… making pizzas,  in the middle of a TERRIBLE thunderstorm… We had probably around 15-30 lightning strikes within a mile radius of my store.  So anyways, there I was, making pizzas, dodging lightnings, when BAM lightning hit the building.  My cash registers all blew open from the surge and then things returned to normal while everybody screamed and panicked… And then, 30 seconds later BAM, another strike about half a block away that knocked out our power.  CRAZYNESS!

I’ve never seen so much lightning all in one area at once… It was nuts.

So, anyways, I’m alive, and ok.  So, time to work on my website, and work on  some SubSpace Radio stuff….



Coding, and such…

Well… Haters gun hate… as always.

Did some coding on the site today… and by coding, i really mean just testing out some different plug ins, as i have no idea how to code… lol

Anyways i’m off to work… Should be fun and interesting as it feels like 175 degrees outside….



Good Morning Sunshine

Goood Morning.

I had a good nap last night. Ya…. nap. That’s what happens when you stay up all night and then wake up early lol. Anyways…
So I read the latest news about Lulzsec and Anonymous joining forces to “attack” big corporations, banks, and goverment entities. While I can see the thought behind what they are doing, and by no means am I endorsing their actions, I don’t understand how hurting innocent people is for the greater good. Seems like more like terrorism than anything to me. Meh. Why can’t we all just get along?

I had a dissapointing fathers day. I scheduled myself to work. Weeeee.

Other than that… work tonight, and not much else going on. Although I’m at work now waiting for the sign people to get here. The day is young. Maybe something exciting will happen. Like aliens. Or a random kitty / puppy. Or…. something.

Happy Fathers Day

Ya… So i’m a tard and scheduled myself to work on Fathers Day.  LAME.

So, I gotta work the morning shift, and then tonight is the glorious LIVE version of Face The Foundry! Be sure to check it out.  9pm EST is when we’re gonna get rolling.  I’m sure it will be awesome as always.  If you haven’t checked out any of our previous podcasts you can click on the link on the right.

Anyways till later.

In brightest day, in blackest night…

Green Lantern was terrible. Worst superhero movie ever.  gawd.


It was great.  Not the best superhero movie i’ve seen, but by far not the worst.  I never really followed it terribly close, but from what I do know, they didn’t stray from the story too much that I could tell.  I’d definatly reccomend going to see it.  And be sure to stick aroud for the credits because there is a bit of an extra scene 🙂  I thought the plot was good, the girl was cute, and Ryan Reynolds was GREAT as Hal Jordan.  I thought the visual effects were great, and in only a couple spots could you tell that basically the entire suit was CGI… Hats off.

Work today was aight.  Can’t complain.  I was able to get quite a few things on my list done.  However, as my list always seems to grow bigger, I’m not terribly sure that counts or not.  lol

I did some more work on the ol’ website, although i still need to fill in the “request” page.   That’s going to require some tactfulness, that I haven’t been able to have the time for between work, and everything else.  Ok, maybe i have, but I’ve been preoccupied by other more pressing things.

Anyways, Happy Fathers Day to mah Dad, and to all the fathers out there.


Of Pizza, and men.

Ok, so i’m headed out to go see Green Lantern.  I hope its as awesome as it has looked in the previews.  Although i’ve heard rumors of that not being true.

I’ll give you folks an update when i get back, as well are some insight… Into something.  I dunno what yet.


5.5 Hours of sleep = bad. (but so good)

Ok, so maybe I could have slept in a bit longer instead of getting up as early, and then having enough time to post this blog.  Meh.  Whatevs.

I feel like sleep steals away time that I could be spending somewhere / somehow else that would be more better… I mean seriously, how often do you think to yourself as your going to bed that sleep is going to be awesome? I don’t.  I always go to bed wishing it was the last thing I had to do.  The only time sleep really sounds glorious is the random naps.

Anyways, I have to work.  More when i get home most likely.

Its (almost) Friday!

Its thursday.. True Story… I was there.

So work was fun.  Got sorta busy. Mowed the lawn.  Weed whacked.  It was marvelous.

Now i’m getting ready to watch Batman: Gotham Knight.  My brother already watched it and i think he said it was good… Yay netflix

Face The Foundry #10 being recorded tonight possibly? Not sure.

You… ya you… no…. not you…. YA.. You… I see you baby

Stupid Windows Update….

I hate yew.
No, not you… I hate windows update… It took like an hour for my pc to update so i’m lying in bed posting this.  Weee BLAH.

I feel as if I’m stuck in a rut.  Like i don’t belong here maybe.  I dunno.  I feel like i’m missing something…

Work was alright.  Tried to go all day without smoking… Got a big stressed out towards the end.  Meh.. I’ll keep working on it.  Soon i’ll be done again, and then i’m going to get to heading to the gym again, and be all hawt so chicks will lubs me… Ok well its good for my health n stuff too… lol

As far as you go… Well I’m sorry that i won’t be able to play YouTube song exchange tonight.  Stupid computer took… well ya, you already know since you’re reading this.
I want you to know something.  You’re special.  And its ok to feel sad.  You should.  It means your human.  What your going through is tough by anybody’s meter.  Especially because of the circumstances.  The hurt. The rejection.  Its ok though. You’ll recover sooner or later.  You are an amazing person.  I’m not just saying that either.
You, btw, owe me a conversation that we were supposed to expand upon tonight, until Microsoft Update ruined that for me.

Anyways, I’m laying in bed.  Thnking… Thinking… Thinking….