She called me fat!

So Saturday morning rolled around and I accidentally slept through my alarms, and didn’t wake up until 9am almost exactly. I get up and I get ready and decide to start my day on Lyft instead of Uber. The first run of my day Saturday was quite a doozey. I get to the pickup point at York Creek Apartments.

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His Mamma yelled at me too!

So I had an interesting (almost) trip the other morning. Before I get into the story there’s a few things that I need to get straight. I usually start every morning around 6am. The other thing that I need to share, is that it is against Uber and Lyft’s policy for any minors to be in the car unaccompanied. That is, they can not ride anywhere without somebody 18 or older with them. Ok, lets get into the meat and potatoes.

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Trip to Detroit

So Saturday we went to Detroit to see the Pistons play against the Trailblazers.  Shereen grew up in Portland so she’s a fan of them, an of course I grew up here and root for the home team. Ive also been able to attend several Pistons games in the past so this should be fun.  On the way down we’re going to stop at a few Middle Eastern stores so that she can look around. We’re also stopping to have food at Wahlburgers.  After the game, I’m gonna try to convince Shereen to stop at Buddy’s Pizza so I can try them out before they open in Grand Rapids.

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Finally moved in!

So we’re finally moved into the new place. Got a couch, and some decorations. We’re not quite done unpacking though. We’ve got the kitchen unpacked, and I’ve got all my clothes unpacked and of course my computer area unpacked. The bedroom is mostly done, and Shereen still has a couple boxes of clothes to do. There’s some random stuff that I probably should just throw away as I haven’t touched any of it in forever. Not sure why I even packed it in the first place.

We did find some repairs that need to be done. I caulked the tub base as well as the sink counter top. I’m quite surprised, to be honest, because when it comes to caulk, I’m usually the last person that you want to be touching caulk. It’s usually always a big pile of gunk by the time I’m finished. That being said, the two jobs I did came out pretty good. Nice and even. The next project I need to work on is to figure out why the floor drain in the basement is clogging up. Hopefully it’s just too much lint or something since that’s where the washer and dryer are hooked up. It did my first batch just fine, but the second round is where it got bad. I went downstairs to check on the status of the wash. Water everywhere.

I need oxygen!

So after a couple days of a cough steadily getting worse, I finally broke down and went to the urgent care. Come to find out i caught a case of Pnuemonia. I forgot how debilitating not being able to breath is lol. They put me on like 5 different medications that I’ve been taking multiple times a day. It’s been fun trying keep remembering the correct times, but I’ve not missed any. Tomorrow I’ll finish most of them so that’s cool. I started back to work today. Thankfully all I have to do is sit in the car. My voice is still mostly gone though so it was rough trying to talk to people.

House situation is still in kind of a holding pattern. We’ve got all of our paperwork turned in, and seemingly approved through the mortgage company, but right now we’re waiting on the MSHDA people because they are about half a month behind. Even more so now, because of all the closed days from the storms last week. Closing date hasn’t changed that we know of, so we’re just kind of sitting and waiting.

Foggy Pics from the Road

So the other day I was working in the morning and it was super foggy. I came to this intersection when I was dropping off my passenger and immediately I knew I had to come back and get pics.

I dropped the passenger off and came back. Luckily they were only a few minutes away so the lighting was still really good. And Thus, this short photo shoot happened.

And now, a word from our feelings!

It’s been a pretty interesting couple of months.  It started with a very unexpected and last minute move out of the house I’ve been renting for the last 12 years.  It was something that we had been planning on doing within the next 6 months because we’re trying to buy a house.  But we were planning on doing it on our own terms, not to be pushed into it so suddenly.  We had to pack an entire house up, try to find somewhere to move that was pet friendly, and actually move in 30 days.  Thankfully, my brother came through with a place to live, and Shereens mom has been looking after our dogs since there’s already 5 cats here.  Now we’re just trying to get our mortgage situation re-situated because I went and quit Papa John’s not knowing that they have to have a two year period of employment somewhere to be considered for the loan.  So now we’re hoping that Shereen’s credit is good enough to be approved, albeit for probably a smaller amount.

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