cars…. are stupid.

So today my serpentine belt decided to break on my car. Not so bad, if it wouldn’t be for the frozen AC compressor that caused the belt to break. We can send people to space but can’t make a car that lasts. And yes, yes, I know that the price comparison is hugely different, but this is my blog and ill cry if I want to…

Other than that spent the day with mikayla. We watched movies, played some games, and chatted on the porch while listening to the soothing sounds of the rain. All in all, a good day with her.

Warp 11 second interview was tonight on SubSpace Radio. It was a lot of fun even though I don’t think their music is quite my style. Listeners had a lot of fun and we gave away an autographed cd. All they had to do was blow me up. 10 vs 2 PvP. I had my Excelsior, and Jhen was providing heals from his Intrepid. The other team was in shuttle crafts. Lots of fun that was.

I didn’t get to talk to you today. Tomorrow….

Author: peter

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One thought on “cars…. are stupid.”

  1. aCe, you forgot that I was on your team too…. shooting Creamy in the face with a phaser lance.

    Also, we only went to the moon because the Decepticons crash-landed there. 😛

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