Birthday, and stuff

So I haven’t posted in awhile so i guess i’ll try and get things caught up.

Sunday was my birthday.  My parents came into town and my sister came over, and my daughter came over, and of course my brother,  so we all went out to Red Robin for lunch.  It was really good as usual.  My mom had never had it before and she loved it.  After that we had to drop off Mikayla and then we headed back to the house.  We relaxed for a bit and then my parents took off.  My brother had to work, so my sister and I decided to start the Back To The Future marathon.  I bought the 25th Anniversarry Edition BlueRay set from last week and it had finially arrived.  It was great watching all three of them again.

Hurm in other news, after extensive testing, I finally migrated my blogging site project to the new domain.  Its now at instead of probablyflirting.  I’m going to make that my private site in a few weeks, once everybody gets adjusted.  It was a pretty interesting project, requiring me to edit some SQL files, and some PHP files.  But it went without a hitch (so far), so I’m excited.  Next project is going to be to add BuddyPress to it.  Most plug-ins and and themes I just add, but this one i’m going to test for a bit, because its a pretty extensive change.

Anyways, Its time for me to run off to work.  Love Peace Chicken Grease.


Oh.  and PS… I’m going to be making a 2nd blog that will be under my gaming moniker, so that people who don’t want to read all the mundane and emo updates about my life, can just see my gaming stuff.  Weeeeee!

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