Manic Monday

Well… Not much to talk about today.  Went to meetings this afternoon… Then went to work and closed.  Rather slow and uneventful day, until about an hour before close when it got busy… Weeeeee!

Other than that…. Humm… Peace Out 🙂


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

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Twitter Updates for 2011-06-26

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you are my favorite to talk to, too…

True story to… I was there.
Anyways, work was standard worky worky today, although rather slow. Got some stuff taken care of at work that needed to get done so yay for that. Today was visit Pete at work day as I had my aunt and cousin, my girl Sara, and my sister and mom and pops all stop by for a minute to say hi.. it was fun 🙂

After work I went and picked up my sweetie pie and went to Walmart to get some supplies and then back to the house for dinner and to watch Jonah Hex. Pretty decent movie, but I never followed the series so I dunno anything about it.

Anyways I’m off to bed… Ttfn and by the way, I love talking to you too. And yes indeed, Seal is amazing. And fuchsia *may* be one of my new favorite colors lady.

2am and I must be… Blogging?

Welp, another successful Ten Tribble Nation is in the books!  Well… Mostly successful. Haters gun hate.  But I don’t like being hated on.  Bothers me… Whatevs though, I be aight.

Tomorrow I open, and its 2:11am currently.  Weeeee… But after that i pick up my sweetie pie Mikayla for some father daughter fun time.  That will be awesome.  I think we’re going to record some karaoke together, or maybe even have a picnic.  We shall see… So many ideas in my brizain.  Weeeeeee

Anyways, TTFN!