Soderstream, sheets, games, and a proposal. OH MY!

Hello ya’ll. It’s been awhile since I posted so I guess I’m a bit overdue. I guess we’ll start with one of my purchases from the recent Amazon Prime day. I picked up a Sodastream Fizzi. They had a pretty good deal going on for Prime day and I had already been considering getting one. I’ve been “backsliding” and drinking a lot of pop again. It started with Fresca being back in stock and being a treat for on the weekends to becoming much more than that. Honestly, I’m surprised how much water I’ve been drinking since I’ve gotten it. Even without the flavor drops the package I got came with, I’ve been drinking so much bubbly water. It took me a few bottles to figure out how to actually use it properly. The instructions were, well, barely instructions. I figured it out after a couple bottles and have been enjoying it since. It came with a little vial of Lime flavoring, and then some blackberry flavoring. They’re not too bad, but my bother mentioned a couple of other flavorings that he got from Aldi so I’m going to check those out. In the meantime wish me luck in my journey to be soda less. And I do mean less, and not free because Fresca is delicious.

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Covid-19 Shot #1

So i got my first Covid-19 shot on Monday. I got the Pfizer variation so i’ll have to go back in a couple weeks for the 2nd one. For the first couple of hours I didn’t really notice anything. I went grocery shopping and then laid down after I put away the groceries thinking i was just gonna get off my feet for a little bit. Woke up a couple hours later like… wuuut just happened. At that point my arm was hurting pretty good. Played some video games and went to bed. I worked though the day on Tuesday, but I probably shouldn’t have. I was cranky all day. Headachey and sore in the arm and body. Wednesday I ended up taking most of the day off because I was still having a headache, but by Thursday I was back to normal.

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Feeling down

I guess starting off with good news, I’m starting season 8 of Midsomer Murders as I write this. I really enjoy this show. They swapped out the main DS — Troy, for a new DS — Daniel Scott. I really didn’t like him at first because I didn’t like the way that he was coming across. But he’s been starting to grow on me, as my friend told me he would. It’s a little weird, and maybe I mentioned this before but the seasons are weird. There’s only like 5 episodes per season but each episode is like 1.5+ hours long. I already know at some point the main star is getting swapped out and that’s kind of a bummer because I really like him. But I like the show well enough to continue on and i’ll see if I like the new guy as much.

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Treading water

Sometimes you feel like you have things conquered. You have it all figured out and you have the plan memorized, and you know what the future holds. And then out of the blue that plan changes and throws everything askew. All you can do is pick up the pieces as you go, or leave them, according to the Wreckers.

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Pi Day (3.14 aka March 14th)

So one of the things that I’ve been doing more of, for many reasons, is cooking things that I’ve never made before. A couple months ago I made homemade pizza from scratch which is a pretty amazing accomplishment seeing as the time I spent in the industry. Well for Pi day i decided to up the ante a bit and make some pan pizza (which is my favorite type of pizza). It was amazing, and here is a visual account of my journey.

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That’s all she wrote

So I think I’ve made the decision to put an end to “Riding With Retep”. I think while it served its purpose at the time, I don’t think i’ll be going back to doing any gig work. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at now, and with Covid-19 I just haven’t done any gig work work in quite some time anyways.

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new tv show in town

So i’ve started watching a new show. It’s called Midsomer Murders. It’s on Amazon Prime Video, or BritBox as it’s a British murder show. It stars John Nettles as DCI Tom Barnaby. It’s really a weird thing because aside from Doctor Who, I’ve really never gotten into British TV shows. I just never really got into them. But this one has been different. I’m into season 4 now, almost season 5. I’ve got a long ways to go to catch up because i think there’s like some 20 seasons or something. But at least so far, all of the seasons up till now have only been like a handful of episodes — like 4-6.

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