As Promised.

Ok, Well, as promised here is a more better post 🙂

What have I been up to?

Gaming World:
I’ve been delving into the Space / Sci-Fi MMO called EvE Online.  Its… interesting.  Quite a learning curve IMO. And the interface fonted rather small, so it seems really hard to read anything, which is rather frustrating. I’ve never been so frustrated by an interface like that.  Other than that, I’ve been playing some Battlefield 2, and Battlefield Bad Company 2.  Mostly the latter.  Love that game, except i’m pretty terrible.

Work World:
Well, that’s been rather fun.  Many long hours the last couple days.  Had a 13 hour day yesterday, and an 11 hour day today.  Weeeee.  More butts, More butts more often, and more butts paying more.  Yup. Got it.

Personal Life:
Well, I spent last weekend with somebody i haven’t really talked to in quite some time.  It was rather nice to catch up with her.  Other than that, you know me… Just being all flirty.

Website World:
Well, did some more upgrades to the site, and made some changes.  I like the functionality that my twitter plugin gives me, but i really felt like it was cluttering up my blog.  And I can’t seem to find a good guide on how to get WordPress to display only a certain category of blog post on a page.  Once i figure that out, then i’ll be doing some more updating but for now, I think i am done.  Maybe.

In closing….
You… Have a safe flight, and trip, and vacation.  I know you’re reading this. 🙂
You… Happy Birthday lil bro.  I dunno if you even read these… I doubt it.  Whatever. You suck.  And your doing better in Battlefield Bad Company 2.  jerk.

PS. WHY THE EFF can I not root my phone anymore?  I think Sprint / HTC put a block on the method I used to use in this latest patch / upgrade.  Dangit! I want my CyanogenMOD!


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