Another late sunday evening

Well here we are.  Me… typing in this blog.  You… Reading it minutes, moments, hours, or maybe days later.  You and me.  Hi.  Lets recap the week!

So the week started out with me in Lake Ann, Michigan at a Cabin called the Sleeping Bear.


Let me tell you how beautiful it was up there.  It’s not a very often site to see me stay awake in long car rides.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had problems with staying awake on long car rides.  For the first time, I stayed awake for the entire two hour drive each way.  I took a TON of pictures, not only of the ride up, but also some of the view from the property.  They are amazing, and can be found in my “Fall Pictures” photo album.  Some of the lake shots i got, are pretty good imho, for a measly smartphone camera.  I experimented with a few of them adjusting the color saturation, and whiteness.  Most of them turned out really well, except for a couple that are a bit washed out.  Anyways, so we were up there for Monday, Tuesday, and came back Wednesday afternoon.  It was a MUCH needed get away, as work has been extremely on the testy side lately, and my stress level has been through the roof.  We’ve taken this trip before as a group, and this was a rather quiet year.  I think as we’ve gotten a bit older and wiser, we’ve also gotten… well… older lolol.  I did stay up though both nights just enjoying the starry night.  One can get lost staring in the stars.  I always forget how many there are up there because living in the city, you don’t’ get to see much except the brightest ones.  And before anybody decides to comment… Yes.. By “cabin” I REALLY mean, large house.  The place sleeps something like 18 people.  Its pretty large.  All in all, even with it being work, it was a VERY relaxing experience.  The only disappointing thing of the whole time, is that in two nights of having a campfire, we didn’t roast a single hotdog, or marshmallow.

Wednesday, brought the end of our little excursion, and we came back into town.  I spent most of the day continuing to relax, and catch up on the sleep.  


The next 4 days have just been a big ball of blur, as the only thing I really did was work.  I was supposed to go to one of my friends birthday party, but I managed to turn my nap, into sleeping for 10 hours after work on Saturday.  Which is probably why I’m still fairly wide awake right now, at 1:10am writing this lengthy recap of my week.  



Whats in store for next week.  Well, I need to get some car repairs done.  Like, badly. Basically my car is falling apart at the seams, which really really sucks, because I’m not in a terribly great position to drop a bunch of money into it, or buy something new(er).  So next week will be trying to find a pretty VERY cheap place to get my repairs done.  Although I do have a guy that I have used for some front end work, I want to check out one of the school shops.  I heard that they only charge parts to repair your car, so maybe i can get in on that action.  Next weekend I’m aiming to make my annual trip to The Haunt.  Probably gonna get a group of peeps together as I always do, so if you’re interested holler at me ASAP!

This government shutdown?  Ridiculous.  The whole lot of them should be ashamed.  Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Leftists, Rightists, the whole dang lot of them.  How is it we go from ready to almost declare war on another country to holycrapwecantpaybillstimetoshutdown??? I really feel like the US should pay a bit more attention to whats going on at home, versus trying to be in everybody else’s business.  Ya, i know…  bla bla interests, and bla bla oil, and bla bla bla.  That’s what I hear.  Anyways, that’s my political rant for the day.

Anyways, I suppose i should wander off to bed.

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