I figured i should probably make a post on here for anybody who reads this and is wondering why I’m leaving Facebook on a personal level and on a gaming level.

It’s been a crazy year. It’s been crazy not only in my personal life, but with everything going on in politics and with Covid-19. Some of you may know what’s going on in my personal life, and some of you may have a clue, and some have no idea. Basically the only thing that I’ll say in public is that I’m getting a divorce. It’s been extremely tough dealing with this as I’m sure most people can understand. I thought I had met the person that I was going to grow old with, and thought that I had found my “forever home”. Not so much. There’s a lot of things going on with all that and figuring out how things will go forward for the future. Lets move on.

Facebook is an amazing tool. It allows you to keep in touch with people that you care about. Facebook is also detrimental. It allows you to keep in touch with people that you really don’t care about. I’ve tried to keep my focus on the positive people in my timeline, but the state of the country just doesn’t allow that. I’m tired of seeing people fighting in my timeline about this candidate or that candidate. I’m tired of seeing people post this piece of misinformation and defending it, seemingly, with their lives, or that piece of misinformation and treat it like its gold, when in reality it’s bronze at best. The political system we have currently isn’t working, and Facebook (along with news media) just exacerbate the situation. And lets not forget Covid-19. People are as charged about that on either side of the spectrum. Right or wrong, there are better ways to communicate ones opinions. I can’t deal with Tom, Dick, and Mary Sue while trying to balance my own personal mental health and well being anymore. Especially not while trying to wade through my own current life events.

So tonight before i go to bed, I’m removing the Facebook app from my phone. And then next week I’m most likely going to turn my account off for awhile. Probably not permanently, but surely for as long as it takes. How long will it take? I dunno. But I feel like I’ll know when the time is right. The unfortunate thing is that deactivating my Facebook means that I won’t be able to admin my “pages” anymore that I have. My RidingWithRetep Facebook page hasn’t had much attention lately anyways because I haven’t been doing much gig work since I got the job with Farmers, and because of Covid-19. The real bummer of my pages will be my GamingWithRetep page. I’ve spent a lot of time putting work into building up my streaming community and I hate to leave it behind. Hopefully most (if not all) of my followers will come over to my Twitch Page and follow me there.

I’ve sat down to blog stuff that’s been going on, but I just can’t seem to figure out a way to convey what I’ve been thinking and feeling without coming across super negative and down. I have blogged here and there but they’re hidden or password protected, because really, blogging for me sometimes is just a way to let my feelings out and I’m not really typing the things on the page for you to read so much as I’m typing them to get them out of my system.

That being said, I’ve taken some melatonin, as is per the norm these days for me because otherwise I won’t sleep. I’ll just lay there while my brain starts off at a slow chug and goes full out racing. So for tonight, that’s it.


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