A Quick PSA, Pictures, and More!

Firstly, this is going to be a cross post on both my blogs because I’m too lazy to do two seperate posts, and the top is pretty important.  And, I’m probably going to combine both soon anyways.

<Rant – PSA>

Secondly, I guess I’d first like to start this post off by reminding all my friends, family, gamer friends, work friends, and anybody else that’s in between.  Use a virus scanner.  Don’t be a tart tart and think that you’re above getting hacked, or phished, or keystroke grabbed.  In the past 2 days, SEVEN of you have had your twitter accounts hacked, and then inadvertently tried to send me links to bad things.  Either spend the money and buy a reputable Internet Security suite such as my favorite, and my suite of choice, [Kaspersky Internet Security], or any of the other suites like [BitDefender Total Security], [Norton], [McAfee], or if your on a really tight budget you can go for a free suite like [ZoneAlarm], or for JUST a free virus scanner [AVG Free].  Just save yourself the trouble, and get Kaspersky though.  I’ve been using it for years now, and haven’t had any problems.  It runs smoothly in the background, with minimal fuss, and doesn’t hog a bunch of resources like McAfee and Norton.  Also, don’t click on links from PM’s (Private Message) in Twitter, or anywhere for that matter, that seem strange or out of place.  Especially with no protection on your PC or Mac.  Ok.  Anyways… Moving on.
</Rant – PSA>

More after the jump!

So I took a few pictures of my last fishing trip and i figured i’d drop them in here for ya’ll to check out.  I had plenty of time to take pictures seeing as it was the slowest fishing trip we’ve been on yet.  I caught one fish, and Jose caught one, and that was the extent of it for our group of 5.  We went to two different places that really should have had some pretty good fishing, but I don’t know if it was the time of the day we went or what, but we weren’t even getting bites.


Here’s the pictures that I took:

One of the pictures was a pretty cool panorama mode photo.  The others are of a stick bug i saw.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen one up close in person before.  Only photos and videos and such.  So it was pretty neat to see one.


Other than that, I’m excited for Glee to be back on.  I’m downloading the episode as I type this so I’ll be able to watch it tomorrow after work.  Not sure what else I have going on this weekend, except for Mikayla coming over.  She didn’t make it the last two weekends because of random things going on.  I’d like to maybe go see a movie.


Anyways, short post as its 1am, and I’ve got to open.  TTFN

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