17 hours. (and me singing!)

Seventeen hours.

Thats how many hours i worked yesterday… Actually, it was more than 17 hours, but really, who’s counting? lol.

I got up in the AM expecting to run to the store, get the computer up and running after the lightning strike [See This Post for Info], but low and behold, still no power.  So we quickly got a plan together to get all the perishable food to the nearest location as the power company was estimating restoration at near 11:30pm last night (this is at 9am).
So we loaded and took 5 car loads of food over to the other store, unloaded and organized it in their walkin.  Then I spent the next couple of hours chasing down some paperwork and getting it faxed to the office for insurance reasons, and trying to get the phone company to transfer all the calls to the nearest store.  About that time I happened to peek at my phone and check out the power companys estimated restoration time to which i noticed that they said there was no reported outage.  So i called the store, and sure enough power was back on.   So we scrambled back to the store to get it cleaned up, and ready for a new day and got all the food transferred back and got back open, and of course i was scheduled to close, so I ended up being there till about 2:15am because of a DSL outage…

All that being said, i did very little today except relax and record one of my karaoke songs for the SubSpace Radio Karaoke CD we are going to release… Here’s a linkie to it if you would like to listen 🙂 Me singing Airplanes by B.O.B. and Hayley Williams Also… You can only listen, if you promise to at least giggle a little bit.. I know I did.. lol!

Anyways, i’m exhausted as I woke up pretty early today so I’m going to head to bed.

Night Night.

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Gamer, streamer, techie, social media junkie, tinkerer, father, son, and pizza lover.

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