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Another late sunday evening

Well here we are.  Me… typing in this blog.  You… Reading it minutes, moments, hours, or maybe days later.  You and me.  Hi.  Lets recap the week!

New Gallery added, and more

So I added a new gallery of photos onto my Photos section.  Its called [Fall Pictures], and it features, photos from, well, this years fall.  I’ve taken the liberty and added several already, but as the season moves on you will want to check back often to see if I’ve added anymore.  I will probably also upload them to Facebook after awhile but I’m not sure.  I also re-organized how my photos are arranged and separated them out a bit more via categories.  I’m also trying out a new theme, although seeing as we are approaching Halloween I will probably switch to my bloody / zombie / ghoulish theme.

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A Quick PSA, Pictures, and More!

Firstly, this is going to be a cross post on both my blogs because I’m too lazy to do two seperate posts, and the top is pretty important.  And, I’m probably going to combine both soon anyways.

<Rant – PSA>

Secondly, I guess I’d first like to start this post off by reminding all my friends, family, gamer friends, work friends, and anybody else that’s in between.  Use a virus scanner.  Don’t be a tart tart and think that you’re above getting hacked, or phished, or keystroke grabbed.  In the past 2 days, SEVEN of you have had your twitter accounts hacked, and then inadvertently tried to send me links to bad things.  Either spend the money and buy a reputable Internet Security suite such as my favorite, and my suite of choice, [Kaspersky Internet Security], or any of the other suites like [BitDefender Total Security], [Norton], [McAfee], or if your on a really tight budget you can go for a free suite like [ZoneAlarm], or for JUST a free virus scanner [AVG Free].  Just save yourself the trouble, and get Kaspersky though.  I’ve been using it for years now, and haven’t had any problems.  It runs smoothly in the background, with minimal fuss, and doesn’t hog a bunch of resources like McAfee and Norton.  Also, don’t click on links from PM’s (Private Message) in Twitter, or anywhere for that matter, that seem strange or out of place.  Especially with no protection on your PC or Mac.  Ok.  Anyways… Moving on.
</Rant – PSA>

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Its SNOWY and Stuff!

So Sunday I had my annual Christmas party in January.  It was nice because they did it on a Sunday this year which is a lot easier for me to get off versus the Saturdays they normally do it on.  Since we’ve been having it at St Ann’s we normally have them cater it.  However this year they decided to have a Chili bar.  A couple people brought their own homemade versions of Chili, and everybody else brought random mix ins.  Stuff like goldfish, Fritos, Shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and

MC Chris, Dinner, and logo / slogan needed!

Howdy Bloggie Blog!

So last night was concert night at The Intersection.  Much fun was had there.  Mega Ran aka Random, MC Lars, and the big attraction, MC Chris.  Holy crap was that a fantastic show.  Mega Ran, and MC Lars were phenominal as well, even though they were the “opening acts”.  Of course he played my favorite songs by him — I Want Candy, and Fettes Vette.  I went with my sister Ru, Ana Paralyzer, BooRadley and his girlfriend Trish.
It was probably the most adult fun I’ve had in quite some time.  Was very nice to get out and let my hair down… er… up? for a bit.  I got my picture with this chick dressed as Wonder Woman (thanks to Trisha), and also got my pic with MC Chris.  HE’s SO SHORT! WOW! lolol

I’m going to try to setup a picture gallery in here within the next couple of days for folks who don’t have facebook, with all my pictures including the MC Chris pics.

What else is new… Well, still aiming for going to Chi town at the end of the month for the Trek Convention.  Bunch of the DJ’s for the station are planning on going so it’s looking to be an aweome time. Hopefully i’ll be able to make it.

Had dinner with my daughter tonight.  That was a very nice time, and then dropped her off at my sisters house to spend the night with her, and then the two of them are going to a family get together tomorrow afternoon with my parents.

What else is new? Hurm… Oh…  Welp, I need some help!  I’m coming up to the final phases of my testing with turning this domain into a blogging site for my close friends and family (for now), with the intent of possibly turning it into some sort of commercial mega million success for me (somehow).  So, I need a logo, and slogan for the site and then I think i’ve got everything figured out.  If you feel bored and want to draw something up or have suggestions please email me.  I would give you full credit of course on the site, but as far as money goes…. ya… lolol

Anyways, I’m signing off for now.