ProbablyFlirting started out as my revised username in Star Trek Online, and then morphed very quickly into my username for several different things.  I registered the domain name and started my wordpress blog on it.  Then one day I thought to myself, is a great domain name.  What if I used it to supplement my income?

So thats where I’m at today.  probablyblogging is now a blogging website that I am developing for, right now, family and friends.  Well, right now, its family, friends, and friends of friends, lol.  Once I feel i’ve gotten the hang of things, then i will open it up throw a couple adds on it, and figure out a pricing tier for newcomers (that don’t fit into the above catagory.)  Hopefully it will hit big, and I’ll be able to live quite comfortably.

Anyways, check it out.

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